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The Miss Canal Winchester Scholarship Pageant

2022 Rules

These rules are enforced at the discretion of the Miss Canal Winchester Scholarship Pageant Committee. Please read  thoroughly; some changes have occurred this year.

          1. All contestants must be a female born and meet one of the following criteria:

              - Attend a Canal Winchester School, or

              - Live in the Canal Winchester School District and attend a private school or be homeschooled.

                      *Residents of the Canal Winchester School District who attend a public school other than Canal Winchester are not permitted to                                      register.  

                      *Any change in this rule after being crowned will result in the court member stepping down from her position on the Miss Canal                                   Winchester Court. 

          2. No contestant shall currently be or ever have been pregnant. If becoming pregnant during her reign on The Miss                    Canal Winchester Court, the court member will step down from her position.  


          3. This is a natural pageant; artificial hair pieces, eyelashes, flipper teeth, etc., are not permitted.

               Make up rules are:
               - Tiny and Little contestants - powder, blush and lip gloss. No hair pieces.
               - Junior contestants - powder, blush, lip gloss and light mascara.  No extensions, hair pieces or false lashes.
               - Miss contestants - may groom themselves to suit their own style.  No hair pieces * Please Note: the use of                             additional makeup other than what is allowed above will result in deductions at the judge’s discretion.



          4. After being crowned, all Queens and attendants are required to be present at the Canal Winchester Labor Day                        Festival and Queens luncheon during the Canal Winchester Labor Day Festival. All court members will also attend                various other functions to include community service throughout their reign as requested by the Pageant Director.                All court members must participate in all fundraisers.  If members of the Miss Canal Winchester Court do not                        participate in required events and fundraisers, they will not be permitted to compete in the pageant the following                  year.

          5. All Queens are expected to ride in the Labor Day Parade on Labor Day, and be introduced on stage at the Labor                      Day Festival.  All Queens must participate in the photo sessions, date to be announced.


          6. All Queens are expected to participate in OFEA or other related parades as requested by the Pageant Director.  We                have a relationship with the Canal Winchester Lion's Club and queens are asked to join with them in community                    events.


          7. The scholarships awarded to the Miss CW Queen and court shall be used for higher education at an institution for                  credit beyond high school within a two year period after graduation from high school. If the scholarship awarded                   has not been used within the two year period, the funds shall revert to the scholarship fund. Upon written                               request, the Queen may be granted special consideration from the two year rule; however, it shall be at the sole                     discretion of the Miss Canal Winchester Pageant Committee.  


          8. All contestants are expected to conduct themselves with poise and decorum at all times. Smoking, drinking of                        alcoholic beverages, or use of illegal substances at any time during their representation of Canal Winchester will                  result in disqualification, loss of title and prize money. Inappropriate displays of affection and foul language are                      also deemed unacceptable. All contestants shall maintain appropriate social media accounts during their reign                      and as a contestant.  Contestant is of good moral character and has not been involved in any type of use of illegal                  drugs, any other illegal behavior or activity, any felony conviction, probation or misdemeanor. This also includes                    nude, lewd or suggestive media.  


              Appropriate is defined as but not limited to:

              - No use of foul language in text, video, or any social media

              - No bullying behavior, physically or in social media

              - No sharing offensive or inappropriate videos, text messages, or social media

              - No inappropriate pictures of you alone or with a group.  Inappropriate is defined as:

                 : full or partial nudity

                 : provocative or suggestive poses

                 : offensive photos to include hand gestures or body language


          9.  Visible body piercings are only permitted in the ear lobe; no other piercings are permitted

          10.  No visible tattoos are permitted.

          11.  Court members must give the Pageant Director access to their social media accounts.  

          12.  All contestants are required to solicit a $50.00 pageant scholarship sponsor.  This can be from an area business                   or a family member. DO NOT solicit from pageant sponsors that are listed as sponsors on the pageant website.                     You will thank your sponsor on stage.  The informational video is required for all contestants and their families.                     Checks payable to: Miss CW Pageant.


          13.  Non Compete Clause: Court members are permitted to compete in other pageants as long as they can fulfill the                     requirements of the Miss Canal Winchester Queens Court.  Many other pageants that are considered Non                               Commitment are acceptable for the court members to participate. Should a member of the court move during                       their reign outside of the Canal Winchester district, they will forfeit their title.    

          14. These rules are only to serve as guidelines to appropriate behavior and are not inclusive.  The Pageant                                    Committee will decide if any disciplinary action needs to be taken.


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